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These pages describe Light Microscopy Unit data storage systems and policies.


  • Data must be stored in folders named by your university username (and grouped alphabetically), e.g. L:\med-groups\lmu\users\h\hajaalin. See Organizing data on LMU network drives.
  • You may store microscopy data on med-groups for one year.
  • We will move older data to L:\med-groups\lmu\lmu-archive. Data transfer will be done semi automatically.
  • Archival is based on modification time. Please note that this may break your datasets.

Overview of the LMU disk spaces in the University network


med-groups\LMU (ls-disk in future) is meant for primary research data, some intermediate archives and so on. Policy for light sheet data is not yet ready and so far that is worked case by case as needed. If you will have a LightSheet project that will create huge amount of data (several terabytes), discuss the data management and storage with LMU preferably beforehand.

  • \med-groups\lmu\ls1 70 TB
  • \med-groups\lmu\ls2 70 TB
  • \med-groups\lmu\lmu_archive 70 TB plus online compression
  • Not backed up, has limited ability to restore previous file versions
  • 10 GB network connection,  NL-SAS 7200rpm disks
  • "Med-nas (med-netapp) on tosiaan tuoreempaa mallia (8020) ja tullee olemaan näillä näkymillä käytössä vielä pari vuotta,” tike storage group 15.5.2019

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