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Leica DM6000B 
Fully motorized upright microscope, 1x, 1.25x, 1.6x optovar
Motorized xy-stage Märzhäuser 130x85 S4
Leica STP8000 remote controller


5x/0.15 HCX PL Fluotar (wd = 13.7 mm)
10x/0.4 HC PL APO CS (wd = 2.2 mm)
20x/0.7 HC PL APO Lbd bl (water, glyserol, oil; wd = 0.26 mm)
63x/1,30 HCX APO Corr (glycerol, wd = 0.28 mm) CS
63x/0,90 W HCX APO L (water, dipping; wd = 2.2 mm)
63x/1,2 W HCX PL APO Corr (water, wd = 0.22 mm)

wd = working distance


For eyes and for color camera

A (ex 360/40, em LP 425)
CFP-2432C (ex 438/24, em 483/32)
I3 (ex 470/40, em LP 515)
N2.1 (ex 538/46, em LP 590)
BGR (ex 400/20, 495/16, 570/20, em 465/20, 530/30, 640/40)

For the Clarity system

DAPI-LED CC00401 (ex 392/23, em 447/60)
FITC CC00302 (ex 482/18, em525/45)
DsRed-LED CC00403 (ex 554/23, em 609/54)
Cy5-LED CC00408 (ex 635/18, em 680/42)

Motorized polarization contrast and DIC

Light sources:

Leica EL 6000 metal halide light source for eyes and color camera

CoolLED pe-300 ultra MB for Clarity


Aurox Clarity laser free confocal

Hamamatsu Orca-Flash4.0 V2 sCMOS camera
2048x2048 pixels
Dual CameraLink connection

Leica DMC2900 CMOS color camera
2048x1536 pixels
USB 3.0 link
0,70x C-Mount


Aurox Visionary 4.3.3 (3.10.2021) release notes

LAS X 3.4.2 (12.4.18)
Do note that LAS X can only be used to  control the DMC2900 color camera.


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