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General discussions followed by the presentation of scientific works weekly from different Research Groups...
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Place: Main Library in the Kaisa House, 7Floor, room 7062
Fabianinkatu 30, Helsinki

Visit programme

9.15 - 9.45
9.45 - 10.10Open access publishing- services at the University of Helsinki (Editori, Helsinki University Press, Helda Open Books, Self-archiving service , Information Specialist Markku Roinila
10.10 - 10.35Research Data Management Support at Helsinki University Library / Stöd för hantering av forskningsdata vid Helsingfors universitets bibliotek / (på svenska), Information Specialist Monica Al­lardt
10.35- 10.50Information Literacy principles at the University of Helsinki / Informationssökning på webben och i köttvärlden (på svenska, ppt / Word med mera text) Information Specialists  Kristina Weimer and Päivi Helminen 

Break 10-15 min

University of Oslo Library: introduction and presentations:

  • developing a new course modul in university pedagogy for academic staff focusing on information, technology, and learning (Section Manager of the Reference and research section Astrid Anderson)
  • teaching: courses and academic writing center (Academic subject specialist and teaching coordinator Signe Brandsæter)
  • developing competencies and routines for conducting systematic reviews (Academic subject specialists Hege Ringnes and Marianne Lien)
  • outreach – open library: events and exhibitions (Academic subject specialists Cathinka Neverdal and Elisa Storchi)

Ppt all together here, more about the Academic Writing Centre here.

12.15- 13.15LUNCH (provided by HULIb)
@Kaisa House #7062
Meet the Liaison Librarians and the the experts
13.15-13.45AI @ Library: introducing and Teqmine, Leading Information Specialist Jukka Englund, HULib

HELDIG - Hel­sinki Centre for Di­gital Hu­man­it­ies
HELDIG is a Finnish research network and infrastructure for solving research problems in humanities and social sciences with novel computational methods, and for studying digitalization as a phenomenon.

Co­ordin­ator Jouni Tuominen
Department of Digital Humanities, Faculty of Arts

14.15-14.45Coffee break (30 min),
Meet the Liaison Librarians and the experts
14.45 -15.15Collection policyHead of Services Elina Kähö
15.15-16Guided Tour in the Kaisa House / Rundtur i Kajsabiblioteket Kristina Weimer (på svenska) (ppt)
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