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Seminar format and guidelines

Below are some suggestions for how to have a productive, interactive paper discussion seminar. They're not rules, but it helps us all out to follow these tips.

In this paper discussion seminar we will
  • Read 1-2 papers each week
  • Discuss the overall content of the paper, look at the figures and analyse them, identify the strengths and weaknesses, and learn to “digest” a scientific journal article
  • Select one person in advance to lead the discussion each week
The discussion leader should
  • Put together 1-2 slides to provide an overview of the paper(s)
  • Present slides for all figures in the paper describing only what is shown on the figures
  • Guide us through the paper and encourage questions/curiosity
The participants should
    • Make sure you leave time to read the paper in detail and look up uncertain terms, concepts, etc.
  • Come prepared with 2-3 questions, basic or detailed - Many of us will be uncertain about parts of the paper, we can only learn by discussing sources of confusion
  • Be prepared to actively particpate in the discussion
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