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Course overview

Introduction to Quantitative Geology is a course intended for undergraduate Geology students. The course has essentially three goals:

  • Learn how to use several common equations that apply to a variety of Earth science fields

  • Introduce the Python programming language and the essential (good) programming practices needed by young scientists

  • Discuss how to compare model results to data, and when (and why) results are or are not meaningful

The course is equally divided between lectures on Mondays and computer-based laboratory exercises on Wednesdays. Laboratory exercises focus on applying lecture material and developing basic programming skills using the Python language. Typical exercises will involve a short introduction, followed by a series of different tasks. At the end of the exercises, students are asked to submit answers to relevant questions, and possibly related plots and/or Python codes you have written/used. Students are encouraged to discuss and work together on the laboratory exercises, however the laboratory summary write-ups that they submit must be completed individually and must clearly reflect their own work.

Course materials

Spring 2014: Moodle - Syllabus

Laboratory exercises

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