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  • Singular integrals and partial differential equations
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Aim of the workshop

As with the previous two workshops (2012 and 2015) of the same series,  the aim is to exchange some latest ideas in the analysis of singular integrals and allied topics.

In this concluding workshop of the ERC Starting Grant Analytic-probabilistic methods for borderline singular integrals, a particular but not the only emphasis is on the role of singular integrals in the theory of partial differential equations.


The workshop is organized by the Harmonic Analysis research group at the University of Helsinki.

It is funded by the European Research Council through the ERC Starting Grant ``Analytic-probabilistic methods for borderline singular integrals''.

It is the third and final workshop within this project. The previous workshops were

Plenary speakers

Colloquium speaker

(joint with the Colloquium of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics)

Invited speakers

Contributing speakers

Singular integrals, randomness and weights (2012)

Frontiers of singular integrals (2015)

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