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Aim of the workshop

The aim of the workshop is to exchange some latest ideas in the analysis of singular integrals and allied topics, where the ``frontiers´´ is understood as bordering both the limits of existing knowledge and other areas of mathematics.


The workshop is organized by the Harmonic Analysis research group at the University of Helsinki.

It is funded by the European Research Council through the ERC Starting Grant ``Analytic-probabilistic methods for borderline singular integrals''.

Plenary speakers (2 x 45 min lectures)

  • Michael Lacey (Georgia Institute of Technology):
    • The two weight inequality for the Cauchy transform
    • The elementary proof of the A2 bound
  • Eric Sawyer (McMaster University):
    • Geometric conditions, necessity of energy, and two weight boundedness of fractional Riesz transforms
    • A note on failure of energy reversal for classical fractional singular integrals
  • Christoph Thiele (Universität Bonn)
  • Xavier Tolsa (ICREA and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona):
    • Riesz transforms, rectifiability, and Wolff potentials
    • Harmonic measure and rectifiability for domains with porous boundary (Abstracts)

Invited speakers (45 min lectures)

  • Frédéric Bernicot (Université de Nantes): Paracontrolled calculus and Singular PDEs through the heat semigroup (Abstract)
  • Oliver Dragičević (University of Ljubljana): Bilinear embedding for elliptic operators in divergence form with complex coefficients
  • Benjamin Jaye (Kent State University): On the boundedness of the non-integer dimensional Riesz transform (Abstract)
  • Tuomo Kuusi (Aalto University): Nonlocal self-improving properties (Abstract)
  • Mariusz Mirek (Universität Bonn): A local T(b) theorem for perfect multilinear Calderón-Zygmund operators (Abstract)
  • Camil Muscalu (Cornell University): Multiple vector valued inequalities via the helicoidal method
  • Adam Osękowski (University of Warsaw): Sharp inequalities for singular integrals with odd kernels (Abstract)
  • Carlos Pérez (University of the Basque Country) (Abstract)
  • Andreas Rosén (University of Gothenburg): A local Tb theorem for matrix weighted paraproducts (Abstract)
  • David Rule (Linköping University): The regularity of some bilinear oscillatory integrals (Abstract)
  • Kristian Seip (Norwegian University of Science and Technology): Operators on Hardy spaces of Dirichlet series (Abstract)
  • Hitoshi Tanaka (University of Tokyo): Two-weight Morrey norm inequality and the sequential testing (Abstract)


Programme booklet

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