Here you can find the instruction how to join to the general FLEX-EPOS email list (flex-epos-grp (at) ). The list is the main communication channel for FLEX-EPOS related announcements and updates.  

subscribe to the mailing list

Joining is possible by sending a following email:

subject:           (leave empty)
subscribe flex-epos-grp [your email address]

Example:  subscribe flex-epos-grp

Do not write anything to the subject/title of the message and write the message in plain text without any formatting. Otherwise Majordomo may be unable to process the request.

If Majordomo is able to process the request, it sends back a message that requests confirmation of subscribing the list. The line beginning with auth must be submitted back to, also without message title and formatting. Otherwise the list subscription is not completed.

After completed subscription, Majordomo submits a welcome message.

Unsubscribe from the mailing list

Unsubscribing can be done by sending the following message via email to

unsubscribe flex-epos-grp [your email address]

Also in this case, the confirmation must be submitted.

The list administrator may also add/remove people to lists so that a person only receives a welcome message and no further action is needed. Please, be in contact with FLEX-EPOS coordinator (flex-epos (at) in case of any questions or concerns related to the mailing list. 

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