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An EMS-ESMTB summer school

This is the sixth school of a biennial series of international summer schools on mathematical ecology and evolution in Finland, organised by the Biomathematics Group of the University of Helsinki. The series of The Helsinki Summer School on Mathematical Ecology and Evolution is part of the EMS-ESMTB School in Applied Mathematics, and its 2018 edition celebrates the Year of Mathematical Biology.


  • Karl Sigmund (University of Vienna): Evolutionary game theory
  • Odo Diekmann (Utrecht University): Renewal equations in population biology
  • Sebastian Schreiber (University of California, Davis): Coexistence in variable environments
  • Ellen Baake (University of Bielefeld): Probabilistic models and ancestral processes in population genetics
  • Hans Heesterbeek (Utrecht University): Ecology of infectious diseases

Time and place

The school will be held between 19 and 26 August 2018 at the Linnasmäki Congress Centre in Turku, Finland. Arrival and departure on Sundays, full program on Monday-Saturday.

The town of Turku is the oldest town of Finland with beautiful surroundings and easy access with direct flights from Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen, plus frequent train and bus connections from Helsinki (direct bus also from the airport of Helsinki).


The School is organised under the auspices of the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Analysis and Dynamics Research.
Director: Mats Gyllenberg, contact person: Eva Kisdi (eva.kisdi [funny character]

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