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Members of the Biomathematics Group

Email addresses: 

Mats Gyllenberg, Professor of Mathematics

Editor-in-chief of the Journal of Mathematical Biology
Editor-in-chief of Differential Equations & Applications
Editor of Journal of Biological DynamicsInternational journal of biomathematics

Biomathematics, in particular structured population dynamics, adaptive dynamics, physiological models, mathematical taxonomy

Stefan Geritz

PhD, Lecturer

Adaptive dynamics, dynamical systems, mathematical modelling

Eva Kisdi
PhD, Researcher

Editor of Evolutionary Ecology Research
Associate editor of Theoretical Population Biology and of Evolution
Member of the Faculty of 1000, PCI Ecology and PCI Evolutionary Biology

Adaptive dynamics, mathematical ecology, speciation
Ping Yan

PhD, Researcher

Differential equations and dynamical systems, with applications

Lei Niu

PhD, Postdoc

Dynamical systems, population dynamics

Cecilia Berardo

MSc, Graduate student of DOMAST

Predator-prey population dynamics

Yuhua Cai
MSc, Graduate student of DOMAST

Adaptive dynamics in stochastic environments
Ruili Fan

MSc, Graduate student of DOMAST

Adaptive interaction of pathogen management and pathogen evolution

Eugenia Franco

MSc, Graduate student of DOMAST

Modelling aerosol  size structure and dynamics in the atmosphere

Ilmari Karonen

MSc, Graduate student of DOMAST

Cellular automata

Sami Lehtinen

MSc, Graduate student of DOMAST

Population dynamics and adaptive dynamics
Diana Preoteasa (Ion)

MSc, Graduate student of FICS (currently on leave)

Metapopulation models, plant-endophyte systems

Enpei Zhang

MSc, Graduate student

Delay equations and adaptive dynamics

Recent graduates

Francesca Scarabel

PhD in 2018

Numerical methods for infinite-dimensional dynamical systems

Xiaoli Liu

PhD in 2017, Researcher at University of Oulu/Polar Electro Oy (Data Scientist)

Dynamics of infectious diseases, modelling malaria epidemics

Jaakko Toivonen

PhD in 2017, upon graduation researcher at the University of Jyväskylä

Adaptive dynamic models explaining patterns in fossil data
Helene Weigang

PhD in 2017, upon graduation mathematical modeller at an insurance company

Evolution of dispersal

Chun Fang

PhD in 2013, after graduation postdoc in the Biomathematics Group

Dynamical systems, population dynamics
Robert Service

PhD in 2012 (in the Graduate School in Mathematical Analysis and Its Applications); upon graduation business analyst at Alekstra

Dynamics of structured populations, adaptive dynamics
Tadeas Priklopil

PhD in 2012; 2012-2014 teacher (tuntiopettaja) at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Helsinki; then research fellow at the IST Austria

Adaptive dynamics and sympatric speciation
Margarete Utz

PhD in 2010, upon graduation postdoc at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, Germany

Adaptive dynamics of function-valued traits, evolution of dispersal

Hanna Eskola

PhD in 2009

Population dynamics, adaptive dynamics, mathematical modelling

Former members

Jyri Ollikainen

Research Assistant

Optimal harvesting in structured populations
Thanate Dhirasakdanon

Ph.D., Postdoc

Mathematical epidemiology, dynamics of structured populations
Barbara Boldin, Ph.D.

currently Assistant Professor at the University of Primorska (Slovenia)

Evolution of virulence
Ido Filin

Ph.D., Postdoc

Stochastic differential equations, life history evolution
Petr Ondracek

M.Sc., Graduate student of FICS

Adaptive dynamics, spatially structured populations, dispersal
Thomas Vallier

Ph.D., Postdoc

Random graphs
Yi Wang

Ph.D., Researcher

Competitive and cooperative dynamical systems; infinite dimensional dynamical systems; random and stochastic monotone systems

Long-term visitors

Fengying Wei


Visiting Professor (2015-2016)


Stochastic differential equations

Daoxiang Zhang


Visiting Professor (2015-2016)


Fluid mechanics with applications

Odo Diekmann

Visiting Professor

Structured population dynamics, dynamics of infectious diseases, nonlinear diffusion problems
J. A. J. (Hans) Metz

Visiting Professor

Adaptive dynamics, structured population dynamics
Xuxin Yang

Professor of the Hunan First Normal University, Changsha, China
Visiting Researcher (1 January - 31 December 2011)

Dynamical systems with impulses, population dynamics
Fabio Dercole

Visiting Researcher (February - July 2011)

Adaptive dynamics
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