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Workshop on Survey Statistics 2022

The BNU Workshop on Survey Statistics 2022 will be organized in August 23-26, 2022, in Tartu, Estonia. The workshop will be of a hybrid type, connecting in-person participation in Tartu and online participation (via Zoom) for those registered participants who cannot attend in person.

The scientific program covers both innovations in established methods on survey and official statistics and new and emerging approaches in the area. The first keynote speaker, Jean-François Beaumont, will give an online talk on inference from non-probability samples through data integration. María del Mar Rueda discusses further challenges in inference with non-probability surveys and delivers a PC lab on estimating with non-probability surveys using R. Recent advances in population statistics will be discussed by Li-Chun Zhang. In addition to the keynote talks, a number of invited and contributed papers will be presented.  

Further, Carl-Erik Särndal, the author of two milestone publications of 1992, the Springer book "Model-Assisted Survey Sampling" (with Bengt Swensson and Jan Wretman) and the JASA article "Calibration Estimators in Survey Sampling" (with Jean-Claude Deville), will attend the workshop. As 2022 is the jubilee year for both publications, Carl-Erik Särndal has promised to give a keynote talk on the occasion. His title is "Progress in survey science, yesterday, today, tomorrow".  A round table discussion is arranged after his talk.

The Workshop is organized by the Baltic-Nordic-Ukrainian (BNU) Network on Survey Statistics in cooperation with partner universities and several national statistical institutes and associations. The University of Tartu, Statistics Estonia and the University of Helsinki have primary responsibility. Today, the BNU network involves partners from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and Ukraine.

Baltic-Nordic co-operation on survey statistics started in 1992 by the initiative of Prof. Gunnar Kulldorff and was developed as the Baltic-Nordic-Ukrainian (BNU) Network on Survey Statistics from 1996 on. The BNU network has organized annual events since 1997. More information about the Baltic-Nordic-Ukrainian Network on Survey Statistics are available at the BNU website.

Group photo by Andris Fisenko


Last update 19 September 2022

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