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Scientific Programme

Download here a detailed scientific programme (sessions in English) and here program in Russian.

Time zone: UTC+3. 


The proceeding will be updated and finalized during the summer school.

Sessions in English

Friday 3 September15:00-16:00 (UTC+3)

Session 1



Keynote Lecture
Shu Yang: Data integration: a new paradigm for survey statistics 

Chair: Risto Lehtonen

16:15-16:45Session 2

Invited lecture

Kaja Sõstra: SAE Methods for Developing the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) at local level

Chair: Imbi Traat

*** break ***


Session 3

Contributed papers (no parallel sessions)

Vilma Nekrašaitė-Liegė: A Comparison of URL finders for online-based
enterprise characteristics

Baiba Zukula: CAWImobile for household surveys

Chair: Olga Vasylyk

Friday 10 September15:00-16:00 (UTC+3)Session 4

Keynote Lecture
Piet Daas: Identifying different types of companies via their website text

Chair: Maciej Beręsewicz

16:00-17:00Session 5

Invited lectures

Signe Bāliņa: What is behind statistics?

Mykola Sydorov: UniDOS online with LimeSurvey

Chair: Mārtiņš Liberts

*** 5 min break ***

17:05-18:05Session 6

Contributed papers, parallel session 1Contributed papers, parallel session 2

Milda Šličkutė-Šeštokienė: Register based census in Lithuania

Ance Cerina and Zane Matveja: Statistical Disclosure Control for Census

Ruāna Pavasare: Statistical Editing and Imputation of Missing values for
the Population Census 2021 in Latvia

Chair: Andrius Čiginas

Anastasiia Volkova: On the importance of conceptualization and operationalization in survey design: lessons from the Morally
Debatable Behaviors scale

Natalia Bokun: Enterprises Survey on Personnel Demand

Biruta Sloka: TBA

Chair: Vilma Nekrašaitė-Liegė

Friday 17 September15:00-16:00 (UTC+3)Session 7

Keynote Lecture
Marcin Szymkowiak: Small area estimation in official statistics - past, present and future directions of applications

Chair: Danutė Krapavickaitė

16:00-17:00Session 8

Invited lectures

Blaise Ngendangenzwa and Joel Tolsheden: Machine Learning and
Automatic Editing

Krista Lagus: Open-ended questions in surveys: Exploring the possibilities of NLP and data science

Chair: Thomas Laitila

*** 5 min break ***

17:05-18:05Session 9

Contributed papers, parallel session 1Contributed papers, parallel session 2

Jelena Voronova: Observing nonresponse bias optimising data collection
strategy for adaptive sample survey design

Liliāna Roze: Optimal identification of auxiliary variables in sample
surveys to reduce nonresponse bias

Darja Goreva and Viktors Veretjanovs: Analysis of EU-SILC data
depending on modes of data collection in Latvia

Chair: Tetiana Ianevych

Danutė Krapavickaitė: Highlights of the WSC 2021 in Survey Statistics

Ulrich Rendtel, Andreas Neudecker and Lukas Fuchs: The display of
Corona incidences in space and time

Maria Valaste and Hanna Wass: Data Collection Mode and
Nonresponse: Practical Experiences

Chair: Milda Šličkutė-Šeštokienė

Friday 24 September15:00-16:00 (UTC+3)Session 10

Invited lectures

Sylwia Filas-Przybył and Tomasz Klimanek: Income stratification of the urban population in Poland

Tomas Rudys: The use of alternative data sources at Statistics Lithuania

Chair: Jānis Lapiņš

16:00-16:10*** Group photo ***

16:10-17:30Session 11

Contributed papers (no parallel sessions)

Mārtiņš Liberts: Unequal Probability Sampling for the European
Interview Health Survey in Latvia

Ieva Burakauskaitė and Vilma Nekrašaitė-Liegė: Selective Editing Using
Contamination Model

Yana Bondarenko: A Sequential Probability Ratio Test for Online

Andrius Čiginas: On design mean square error estimation for modelbased
small area estimators

Chair: Maria Valaste

17:30-18:00Session 12

Closing of the Summer School and Farewell Party

Chair: Kaur Lumiste

Занятия на русском языке / Sessions in Russian

Суббота, 04.09.

Saturday 4 September

Chair: Natalia Bokun

11:00-12:30 (UTC+3)

Занятие 1

Session 1

Открытие конференции


Лекция «Выборочные обследования: основные методы оценивания» (Татьяна Яневич)

Invited lecture “Sample Surveys: Main Estimation Methods” (Tetiana Ianevych)


Занятие 2

Session 2

Татьяна Яневич продолжает

Invited lecturer continues (Tetiana Ianevych)

Суббота, 11.09.

Saturday 11 September

Chair: Natalia Bokun

11:00-12:30 (UTC+3)

Занятие 3

Session 3

Лекция «Оценивание доменов и малые области оценивания» (Ольга Василик)

Invited lecture “Estimation for Domains and Small Areas” (Olga Vasylyk)


Занятие 4

Session 4

Ольга Василик продолжает 

Invited lecturer continues (Olga Vasylyk)

Суббота, 18.09.

Saturday 18 September

Chair: Natalia Bondarenko

11:00-12:30 (UTC+3)

Занятие 5

Session 5


«Использование калибрации с целью сокращения смещения в результате неответов» (Ирина Розора)

Invited lecture “Calibration Estimation for Nonresponse Bias Reduction” (Irina Rozora)


Занятие 6

Session 6


Contributed papers

Natalia Bokun: Labor Market Surveys in Belarus (Выборочные
обследования на рынке труда в Беларуси)

Nataliya Pekarskaya: Household survey to measure the agricultural activity

Суббота, 25.09.

Saturday 24 September

Chair: Natalia Bondarenko

11:00-12:30 (UTC+3)

Занятие 7

Session 7

«Big data и выборочные обследования: проблемы использования» (Татьяна Манжос)  

Invited lecture “Big Data and Sample Surveys: Problems of Use” (Tetiana Manzhos)


Занятие 8

Session 8


Contributed papers

Sakovich N.: Consumer Prices Sample Surveys in Belarus (Выборочные обследования потребительских цен в Беларуси)

Korolenok A.: Problems of survey of unpaid activities

Liudmila Soshnikava: Using logistic regression to analyze the results of statistical observations


Last update 18 September 2021

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