Materials from workshops and conferences arranged by the BNU Network have been published in Proceedings with programme, abstracts, papers and list of participants (see page "Events").

Four textbooks on survey statistics have been written by members of the Steering Committee:

35 doctoral dissertations on survey statistics have been written by participants in Network summer schools and workshops:

  • Nibia Aires (2000): Techniques to calculate exact inclusion probabilities for conditional Poisson sampling and Pareto (Phi)ps sampling designs
  • Per Gösta Andersson (2001): Improving estimation quality in large sample surveys
  • Signe Balina (2002): Estimation of the accuracy in the Latvian Household Budget Survey and recommendations for improvements
  • Michael Carlson (2003): Some contributions to statistical disclosure control
  • Anders Holmberg (2003): Essays on model assisted survey planning
  • Annica Isaksson (2003): Survey models for a vehicle speed survey
  • Pauli Ollila (2004): A theoretical overview for variance estimation in sampling theory with some new techniques for complex estimators
  • Kadri Meister (2005): On methods for real time sampling and distributions in sampling
  • Boris Lorenc (2006): Two topics in survey methodology
  • Peter Lundquist (2006): Estimating interviewer effects in sample surveys: Some contributions
  • Jurgita Turkuviene (2006): Analysis of the distributions of finite population statistics
  • Johanna Laiho (2007): Modelling Survey Participation in Surveys Involving Multiple Phases of Data Collection.
  • Oksana Honchar (2007): Methodological support for sample surveys of non-financial service small enterprises
  • Kaja Sõstra (2007): Restriction estimator for domains
  • Mikko Myrskylä (2007): Generalized regression estimation for domain class frequencies: Accuracy and variance estimation
  • Dalius Pumputis (2008): Statistical estimators of the finite population parameters in the presence of auxiliary information
  • Sara Westling (2008): Cost efficiency of nonresponse rate reduction efforts - an evaluation approach
  • Kari Nissinen (2009): Small area estimation with linear mixed models from unit-level panel and rotating panel data
  • Viktoras Chadyšas (2009) Statistical estimators of the finite population parameters in the case of sample rotation
  • Anders Lundquist (2009) Contributions to the theory of unequal probability sampling
  • Anton Grafström (2010) On unequal probability sampling designs
  • Natalja Lepik (2011): Estimation of domains under restrictions built upon generalized regression and synthetic estimators
  • Vesa Kuusela (2011): Paradigms in Statistical Inference for Finite Populations; Up to the 1950s
  • Andrius Ciginas (2012): Approximations to distributions of linear combinations of order statistics in finite populations
  • Vilma Nekrašaite-Liege (2013): Small Area Estimation (Summary, in Lithuanian)

  • Oksana Honchar (2013): Methodological Background for Quality Assurance of Statistical Information 

  • Mārtiņš Liberts (2013): The Optimisation of Sampling Design
  • Marjo Pyy-Martikainen (2013): Statistical Analysis of Survey based Event History Data with Application to Modeling of Unemployment Duration
  • Nicklas Pettersson (2013): Multiple Kernel Imputation: A Locally Balanced Real Donor Method
  • Termeh Shafie (2013): Random Multigraphs - Complexity Measures, Probability Models and Statistical Inference
  • Anna Larchenko (2014): Methods of statistical evaluation and analysis of reproductive health with the use of sample surveys (Abstract, in Russian)
  • Maria Valaste (2015):  Adjustment for Covariate Measurement Errors in Complex Surveys: A Simulation Study of Three Competing Methods
  • Bernardo Rota (2016): Calibration adjustment for nonresponse in sample surveys
  • Kaur Lumiste (2017): Improving accuracy of survey estimators by using auxiliary information in data collection and estimation stages
  • Mauno Keto (2018): Optimal Sample Allocation Conditioned on a Small Area Model, Estimator, and Auxiliary Data

140 Bachelor theses and 69 Master theses on survey statistics have been written in Baltic universities 1995 - 2013. The list of students, topics and supervisors is available here.

The lists of Bachelor, Specialist and Master Theses on Survey Sampling at the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv, Ukraine, and the list of Theses on Survey Sampling at the Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University, Ukraine, as well as the list of Diploma Theses on Survey Sampling at the Belarus State Economic University, Belarus, is available here.  

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  • EURAREA on Small Area Estimation (SAE)
  • AMELI on Poverty Estimation
  • SAMPLE on Small Area Estimation

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