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From left:  Noora Hyttinen (now at the University of Oulu), Siddharth Iyer, Galib Hasan, Vili Salo, Theo Kurtén, Rashid Valiev


Key research areas of group members:

Theo Kurtén (Academy Reseach Fellow, Docent): Atmospheric reaction mechanisms, especially autoxidation processes

Siddharth Iyer (graduate student): Modeling and measurements of iodide-based chemical ionization mass spectrometry and radical reactivities

Vili Salo (graduate student): Modelling RO2 + RO2 reactions, especially barrier heights

Galib Hasan (graduate student): Modelling RO2 + RO2 reactions, especially conformational sampling

Rashid Valiev: (post-doc): Multi-reference methods, intersystem crossing calculations

Former group members and past long-term visitors:

Noora Hyttinen (PhD 2018, now at University of Oulu): Interpretation and modeling of mass spectrometric measurements, also thermodynamic modelling

Emma D'Ambro (visiting researcher from U. Washington, 2018): Modeling vapor pressures of terpene oxidation products

Danielle Draper (visiting researcher from UC Irvine, 2017-2018): Modeling the nitrate oxidation of monoterpenes

Martta Toivola (University Lecturer 2015-2017, now at Helen Ltd)

Yuwei Fu (visiting researcher, 2016-2017): High-temperature kinetics of sulfur-containing molecules

Cian O'Driscoll (visiting researcher, 2016-2017): Modeling the chemical ionization of amine degradation products from carbon capture

Heidi Reiman (undergraduate student): Modeling the effect of molecular clustering on chemical reactivity

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