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The collaboration is centered around the groups of four principal investigators, Academy Professor Antti Kupiainen, and Academy Professor  Matti Lassas at Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and Professor Hanna Vehkamäki and Academy Professor Timo Vesala at the Department of Physics.


NameTeamTeam Leader
Analysis and Dynamics Academy professor Antti Kupiainen
 Mathematical PhysicsAcademy professor Antti Kupiainen
  BiomathematicsProfessor Mats Gyllenberg
 Analysis of PDE

Professor Kari Astala

Professor  Xiao Zhong

 MCMCProfessor Eero Saksman
Inverse Problem Research Academy professor Matti Lassas
Computational aerosol physics Professor Hanna Vehkamäki
Micrometeorology and Ecosystems Academy Professor Timo Vesala

Carbon-Water Cycles

Academy Professor Timo Vesala

Urban meteorology

University Researcher Leena Järvi



University Researcher Ivan Mammarella

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