Mathematics for Atmospheric-Biospheric Science 2017

AtMath kick-off conference

Levi, November 20-24 2017 


The purpose of the conference is to bring together leading atmospheric scientists, biogeochemists and mathematicians interested in applications to foster the development of mathematical ideas and methods essential to any significant progress in the understanding of planetary problems.

The location, Levi,  is a fell located in Finnish Lapland and is the largest ski resort in Finland. It is located it is located approximately 170 km (110 mi) north of the Arctic Circle.

Organizing Committee

Contact: levi-2017-conference at

Plenary Session Speakers:


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Invited Participants:

  • Kari Astala (Aalto University)
  • Tracey Balehowsky (University of Helsinki)
  • Simone Boi (University of Helsinki)
  • Eugenia Franco (University of Helsinki)
  • Siddarth Iyer (University of Helsinki)
  • Janne Hakkarainen (University of Helsinki)
  • Roope Halonen (University of Helsinki)
  • Tapio Helin (University of Helsinki)
  • Antti Hellsten (Finnish Meteorological Institute)
  • Noora Hyttinen (University of Helsinki)
  • Jakub Kubecka (University of Helsinki)
  • Antti Kupiainen (University of Helsinki)
  • Theo Kurten (University of Helsinki)
  • Otto Lamminpää (Finnish Meteorological Institute)
  • Jonatan Lehtonen (University of Helsinki)
  • Jani Lukkarinen (University of Helsinki)
  • Ivan Mammarella (University of Helsinki)
  • Andrea Mazzino (University of Genoa)
  • Olli Pakarinen (University of Helsinki)
  • Golnaz Roudsari (University of Helsinki)
  • Ganapati Sahoo (University of Helsinki)
  • Eero Saksman (University of Helsinki)
  • Yann Salmon (University of Helsinki)
  • Viktor Stepanenko (Lomonosov State University of Moscow)
  • Evgeni Zapadinsky (University of Helsinki)
  • Zhidong Zhang (University of Helsinki)
  • Xiao Zhong (University of Helsinki)
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