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Information about AtMath Seminars and Events

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Internal AtMath Seminars: June 2018

Previous Events 

MCMC 1st tutorial

Time and place: Friday May the 4th at 14 in C124 :

 SpeakerTitle: MCMC tutorial
14:00-16:00 Heikki Haario

Introduction to MCMC (Abstract)

Internal AtMath Seminars: April 2018

 Time and place: Friday April the 6th at 14:00 in C124 :

 SpeakerTitle: Plant water tomography
14:00-16:00 Tiia Grönholm

The need for pine needle tomography

Janne Hakkarainen dimension-reduced Kalman filter

Alexander Meaney tomographic facilities in Physicum

Risto Sievänen numerical modelling of flows in tree

Samuli Siltanen tomographic algorithms
Internal AtMath Seminars: March 2018

 Time and place: Friday March the 9th at 14:00 in C124 :

 SpeakerTitle: AtMath plans for 2018
  • updating how collaboration and work are going on between different AtMath groups
  • updating what discussions in Levi workshop have led to some concrete collaboration and work
  • discussion whether we should organize the workshop also in the end of this year, something similar as in Levi with some modifications, e.g. not covering costs of so many invited speakers, maybe focusing to those topics where concrete work have started
  • Any other business
Internal AtMath Seminars: January 2018

 Time and place: Friday January the 26th at 12 in C124 :

12:15 Zhidong Zhang ”Recovering an unknown source in a fractional diffusion equation ” (Abstract)
13:15 Tracey Balehowsky “Recovering a Riemannian metric from least-area data ” (Abstract)
Internal AtMath Seminars: June 2017

 Time and place: Friday June the 2nd at 12 in C124 :

12:15Nanna Myllys”How to apply quantum chemistry in atmospheric studies”
13:15Simone BoiProperties of the asymptotic transport  for tracers and inertial particles.

Wednesday, May the 17th at 10 in C124 :
 Andrey Glazunov (Institute of Numerical Mathematics, Moscow) :
"Large eddy simulation using dynamic subgrid/ subfilter model and the Lagrangian particles transport."

Internal AtMath Seminars: February 2017

 Time and place: Tuesday February the 28th at 12 in D123 :

12:15AllAny Other Business
12:30 Jani LukkarinenMathematics of discrete coagulation-fragmentation equations
13:15 Mikko AuvinenLarge Eddy Simulation - Towards resolved urban micrometeorology
Internal AtMath Seminars: January 2017

  Time and place: Tuesday January the 24th at 14 in D123 :

14:00AllAny Other Business
14:10 Hanna Vehkamäki Do we understand what mass spectrometers and are really measuring?
14:35 Timo Vesala “Overview on relevant ecosystem-atmosphere interaction studies”
15:10 Xiao Zhong " Leray's problem of steady Navier-Stokes flow past a body"




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