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Upcoming Events:


Information about AtMath Seminars and Events

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Internal AtMath Seminars: January 2018

 Time and place: Friday January the 26th at 12 in C124 :

12:15Zhidong Zhang”Recovering an unknown source in a fractional diffusion equation ” (Abstract)
13:15Tracey Balehowsky“Recovering a Riemannian metric from least-area data ” (Abstract)


Internal AtMath Seminars: June 2017

 Time and place: Friday June the 2nd at 12 in C124 :

12:15Nanna Myllys”How to apply quantum chemistry in atmospheric studies”
13:15Simone BoiProperties of the asymptotic transport  for tracers and inertial particles.

Previous Events 

Wednesday, May the 17th at 10 in C124 :
 Andrey Glazunov (Institute of Numerical Mathematics, Moscow) :
"Large eddy simulation using dynamic subgrid/ subfilter model and the Lagrangian particles transport."

Internal AtMath Seminars: February 2017

 Time and place: Tuesday February the 28th at 12 in D123 :

12:15AllAny Other Business
12:30 Jani LukkarinenMathematics of discrete coagulation-fragmentation equations
13:15 Mikko AuvinenLarge Eddy Simulation - Towards resolved urban micrometeorology
Internal AtMath Seminars: January 2017

  Time and place: Tuesday January the 24th at 14 in D123 :

14:00AllAny Other Business
14:10 Hanna Vehkamäki Do we understand what mass spectrometers and are really measuring?
14:35 Timo Vesala “Overview on relevant ecosystem-atmosphere interaction studies”
15:10 Xiao Zhong " Leray's problem of steady Navier-Stokes flow past a body"




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