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  • Geometrisen analyysin seminaari, syyslukukausi -06
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Geometrisen analyysin seminaari, syyslukukausi -06

Syyslukukauden 2006 esitelmiä:

Perjantai, 15.09.2006 klo 14-16 C124

Raanan Schul:
"Geometric Travelling Salesman Theorems"

Perjantai, 22.09.2006 klo 14-16 C124

Serban Costea:
"Strong A∞-weights and functions in Besov spaces"

Perjantai, 29.09.2006 klo 14-16 C124

Jan-Fredrik Olsen:
"Local interpolation for Hilbert space of Dirichlet series"

Perjantai, 6.10.2006 klo 14-16 C124

Eero Saksman:
"The infinity-Laplace equation and Hamilton-Jacobi flows"

Perjantai, 13.10.2006 klo 14-16 C124

Eero Saksman:
"The infinity-Laplace equation and Hamilton-Jacobi flows (cont.)"

Perjantai, 20.10.2006 klo 14-16 C124

Lasse Lamberg:
"Tomografia-ongelma: kuvaussuunnat? (osa III)"

Perjantai, 27.10.2006 klo 14-16 C124

Janne Heittokangas:
"Blaschke-oscillatory differential equations in the unit disc"

Perjantai, 3.11.2006 klo 14-16 C124

Xiao Zhong:
"The Liouville theorem and the Harnack inequality for nonlinear elliptic equations"

Perjantai, 10.11.2006 klo 14-16 C124

Tapani Tolonen:
"Dynamics of projected mappings"

Perjantai, 17.11.2006 klo 14-16 C124

Serban Costea:
"Scaling invariant Sobolev-Lorentz capacity in R^n"

Perjantai, 24.11.2006 klo 14-16 C124

Michael Benedicks:
"Attractors of non-uniformly hyperbolic dynamical systems: invertible and non-invertible"

Perjantai, 1.12.2006 klo 14-16 C124

Tapio Rajala:
"Dimensions of porous measures"

Perjantai, 8.12.2006

Ei seminaaria.

Perjantai, 15.12.2006 klo 14-16 C124

Kevin Wildrick:
"Absolute continuity of quasiconformal mappings in metric spaces"

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