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  • Geometrisen analyysin seminaari, syksy -07
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Geometrisen analyysin seminaari, syksy -07

Syksyn 2007 esitelmiä:

Perjantai, 14.09.2007 klo 14-16 C124

Kai Rajala:
"Quasiconformal frames"

Perjantai, 21.09.2007 klo 14-16 C124

Amos Koeller:
"Consequences of the Reifenberg-like properties of minimal surface singularity sets"

Perjantai, 28.09.2007 klo 14-16 C124

Sergey Nazarov:
"Structure of the spectrum of the Dirichlet problem with a sign changing density"

Perjantai, 5.10.2007 klo 14-16 C124

Sergiy Borodachov:
"Behavior of minimal Riesz energy limits on rectifiable sets and sets of finite packing premeasure"

Perjantai, 12.10.2007 klo 14-16 C124

Hadi Jorati:
"Geometric incidence theorems via Fourier Analysis"

Perjantai, 19.10.2007 klo 14-16 C124

No seminar.

Perjantai, 26.10.2007 klo 14-16 C124

No seminar.

Perjantai, 2.11.2007 klo 14-16 C124

Kurt Falk:
"Nonrecurrent dynamics in hyperbolic manifolds"

Perjantai, 9.11.2007 klo 14-16 C124

Jussi Väisälä:
(in Finnish) "Alueiden reiät ja kuvaukset"

Perjantai, 16.11.2007 klo 14-16 C124

Victor Ruiz:
"Dimension of some self-similar measures with overlaps"

Perjantai, 23.11.2007 klo 14-16 C124
SMY:n ja Geometrisen analyysin seminaarin yhteisesitelmä

Alexandru Aleman:
"Analytic contractions. Boundary behaviour and index of invariant subspaces"

Perjantai, 30.11.2007 klo 14-16 C124

Serban Costea:
"Sobolev capacity and Hausdorff measures in metric measure spaces"

Perjantai, 7.12.2007 klo 14-15 C124

Peter Lindqvist:
"A simple uniqueness proof for the positive eigenfunction in a non-linear problem"

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