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  • Geometrisen analyysin seminaari, lukuvuosi 2011-2012
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Geometrisen analyysin seminaari, 2011-2012

Ilkka Holopainen
p. 191-51452

Eero Saksman
p. 191-51500

Seminaari kokoontuu perinteiseen aikaan perjantaisin kello 14-16 salissa C124.
Aiheet vaihtelevat puhujista riippuen.

Syksyn 2011 esitelmiä

Perjantai, 9.9.2011 klo 14-16 C124

Jesse Ratzkin

"Inequalities relating to the sharp Sobolev constant"

Perjantai, 16.9.2011 klo 14-15 C124
(jointly a Finnish Math. Society talk, coffee afterwards at 15.15 in 4:th floor)

Tom Körner

"Mathematics and smallpox"

ABSTRACT: 250 years ago Daniel Bernoulli used mathematics
to discuss the efficacy of smallpox inoculation.
The issues he raised are still interesting today.

Perjantai, 23.9.2011

Ei seminaaria

Perjantai, 30.9.2011 klo 14-16 C124

Pekka Pankka

"Semmes spaces"

Perjantai, 7.10.2011 klo 14-16 C124

Tuomas Orponen

"Self-similar sets and distances"

Perjantai, 14.10.2011

Ei seminaaria

Perjantai, 21.10.2011 klo 14-16 C124

Donald Marshall

"Smoothness of Loewner slits"

Perjantai, 28.10.2011


Perjantai, 4.11.2011 klo 14-16 C124

Tuomo Ojala

"Thin and fat sets for doubling measures in metric spaces"

Perjantai, 11.11.2011

Ei seminaaria

Perjantai, 18.11.2011 klo 14-16 C124

Jussi Väisälä

"Alkeisgeometriaa normiavaruuksissa "

Observe that the talk is in Finnish.

Perjantai, 25.11.2011 klo 14-16 C124

Henna Koivusalo

"Dimensions of random affine code tree fractals"

Perjantai, 2.12.2011 klo 14-16 C124

Pekka Pankka

"Semmes spaces II"

Perjantai, 9.12.2011 klo 14-16 C124

Ei seminaaria

Perjantai, 16.12.2011 klo 14-16 C124

Esa Järvenpää

"Quantum unique ergodicity and projections of measures invariant under the geodesic flow"

Kevään 2012 esitelmiä

Perjantai, 20.1.2012 klo 14-16 C124

Jasun Gong

"Differentiable Structures on Metric Spaces"

Perjantai, 27.1.2012 klo 14-16 C124

Marta Szumanska

"Properties of curves and manifolds with finite integral Menger curvature"

Perjantai, 3.2.2012 klo 14-16 C124

Eero Saksman

"p-harmonic Harnack via games, part I"

Perjantai, 10.2.2012 klo 14-16 C124

Hannes Luiro

"p-harmonic Harnack via games, part II"

Perjantai, 17.2.2012 klo 14-16 C124

Katrin Fässler

"Extremal quasiconformal maps on the Heisenberg group. Radial stretch maps"

Perjantai, 24.2.2012

Ei seminaaria

Perjantai, 2.3.2012 klo 14-16 C124

William Meyerson

"Delta-Monotone and Quasiconformal Maps on the Plane"

Perjantai, 9.3.2012

Ei seminaaria

Perjantai, 16.3.2012

Ei seminaaria

Perjantai, 23.3.2012 klo 14-16 C124

Kari Vilonen

"Nuclearity and finiteness theorems in complex analysis (part II)"

Abstract: (Continuation from the FA-seminar on Thursday) We discuss finiteness and extension theorems in complex analysis.
In our set-up we work over a base topological algebra, i.e., we consider holomorphic functions with values in a topological algebra.
Working in this setting introduces some complications to the standard theory of nuclear maps of the complex numbers.
This set-up needed to deal with extension problems for systems of microdifferential equations.

Perjantai, 30.3.2012 klo 14-16 C124

Lizaveta Ihnatsyeva

"Whitney-type characterization of approximate differentiability on
metric measure spaces"

Perjantai, 6.4.2012

Ei seminaaria (Pitkäperjantai)

Perjantai, 13.4.2012

Ei seminaaria

Perjantai, 20.4.2012 klo 14-16 C124

Ioannis Parissis

"Circle discrepancy for checkerboard measures"

Perjantai, 27.4.2012 klo 14-16 C124

William Meyerson

"Factoring the logarithmic spiral"

Perjantai, 4.5.2012 klo 14-16 C124

Tomas Soto

"Bounded compositions on
scaling invariant Besov spaces"

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