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  • Geometrisen analyysin seminaari, 2013-2014
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Geometrisen analyysin seminaari, 2013-2014

Ilkka Holopainen
p. 191-51452

Eero Saksman
p. 191-51500

Seminaari kokoontuu periodeilla I ja II perinteiseen aikaan perjantaisin kello 14-16 salissa C124 ja periodeilla III ja IV pääsääntöisesti tiistaisin kello 14-16 salissa B322.
Aiheet vaihtelevat puhujista riippuen.

Syksyn 2013 esitelmiä

Tiistai, 27.8.2013 klo 14-16 C124 (huom. poikkeuksellinen aika!)

Nils Dencker (Lund)

"The solvability and range of differential operators"

Perjantai, 30.8.2013 klo 14-16 C124

Antoine Gournay

"l^p-Cohomology, Random Walks and Boundary Values"

Perjantai 20.9.2013 klo 14-16 C124

Rami Luisto

"Limits of BLD-mappings"

Perjantai 18.10.2013 klo 14-16 C124   PERUTTU/CANCELLED

Elefterios Soultanis

"Homotopies in Newtonian spaces"

Perjantai, 1.11.2013 klo 14-16 C124

Riikka Korte

"Semmes family of curves and a characterization of BV-functions"

Perjantai, 8.11.2013 klo 14-16 C124

Tuomo Kuusi

"On the properties of fractional minimizers"

Perjantai, 29.11.2013 klo 14-16 C124

Katrin Fässler

"Nonexistence of quasiconformal maps between certain metric measure spaces"

Perjantai, 13.12.2013 klo 14-16 C124

Daniel Meyer (Bremen)

"Introduction to the iterated monodromy group"

Kevään 2014 esitelmiä

Perjantai, 17.1.2014 klo 14-16 C124

Vyron Vellis

"Quasisymmetric spheres constructed over quasidisks"

Tiistaii, 21.1.2014 klo 14-16 B322 (HUOM aika ja paikka)

Ralph-Johan Back (Åbo)

"Rakenteiset päättelyketjut ja E-math projekti"

Perjantai, 24.1.2014 klo 14-16 C124

Jean-Baptiste Casteras (UFRGS, Porto Alegre)

"A flow approach to the mean field equation"

Tiistai 28.1.2014 14-16 B322 (HUOM aika ja paikka)

Juha Pohjanpelto (Oregon State)

"Moving Frames for Lie Pseudo-groups"

Perjantai, 7.2.2014 klo 14-16 C124

Enrico Le Donne (Jyväskylä)

"Regularity of isometries of subRiemannian manifolds"

Tiistai 11.2.2014 14-16 B322 (HUOM aika ja paikka)

Elefterios Soultanis

"Homotopies in Newtonian spaces"

Tiistai 18.2.2014 14-16 B322 (HUOM aika ja paikka)

Hannes Luiro (Jyväskylä)

"On the non-differentiability of directionally differentiable functions"

Monday 24.2.2014 16-17 C122 (HUOM aika ja paikka)

Marcus Carlsson (Lund)

"On finite rank truncated convolutions operators"

ABSTRACT: On finite rank truncated convolutions operators. Truncated convolution operators is the extension to higher variables of finite interval convolution operators (or truncated Toeplitz operators on the Paley Wiener space, truncated Wiener Hopf operators, truncated Hankel or Toeplitz operators on R, it all means the same thing). The understanding of such operators is very useful in design of fast algorithms, with applications e.g. to data compression and singal processing. This is mainly due to the generalization of Kroneckers theorem by R. Rochberg, describing all finite rank operators in the above class. I will describe the corresponding situation in several variables. Quite surprisingly, the structure of generic symbols for such operators turns out to be completely different than in the 1 variable case. The talk will be accessible for students and researchers from other areas of mathematics.

Tiistai 25.2.2014 14-16 B322 (HUOM aika ja paikka)

Maria Martin (Joensuu)

"Order of affine and linear invariant families of harmonic mappings"

Tiistai 4.3.2014 14-16 B322 (HUOM aika ja paikka)

Meng Wu (Oulu)

Multifractal analysis of V-statistics and oriented walks on Rd

Tiistai 25.3.2014 14-16 B322 (HUOM aika ja paikka)

David Kalaj (Montenegro)

"On Lindelöf's theorem"

Tiistai 1.4.2014 14-16 B322 (HUOM aika ja paikka)

Risto Korhonen (Joensuu)

"Vojta's dictionary: An introduction to the analogue between value distribution theory and number theory"

Tiistai 8.4.2014 14-16 B322 (HUOM aika ja paikka)

Kaisa Matomäki (Turku)

"On signs of Fourier coefficients of cusp forms"


Tiistai 29.4.2014 14-16 B322 (HUOM aika ja paikka)

Jan-Fredrik Olsen (Lund)

"On a sharp estimate for Hankel operators and Putnam's inequality"


Tiistai 20.5.2014 14-16 B322 (HUOM aika ja paikka)

Giuseppe Mingione (Parma)

"Nonlocal self-improving properties"

Keskiviikko 28.5.2014 12-14 C124 (HUOM aika ja paikka)

Funktionaalianalyysin ja Geometrisen analyysin yhteisseminaari

Jeremy Tyson (Urbana-Champaign)

" Density of Lipschitz maps in Sobolev spaces with Heisenberg group target"

Perjantai 30.5.2014 klo 14-16 C124

Antoine Gournay  (Université de Neuchâtel)

"Liouville property via Hilbertian compression"

Abstract: Constructing a "uniform" embedding of a Cayley graph of a group in Hilbert space turned out to give surprising results on the group (e.g. Yu showed they satisfy the Baun-Connes conjecture). An embedding is said uniform if it neither contracts nor dilate the distances too much. More precisely, the distance at the image is bounded above by an affine function and from below by some function (called the compression function) of the distance in the source.
Austin, Naor and Peres showed that if the embedding is equivariant (for some action by isometries of the group on a Hilbert space) and that (up to constants) the compression function is bigger than a square root, then the rate of escape of any finitely supported random walk is sublinear. This implies the Liouville property (absence of bounded harmonic functions) and amenability of the group.
In this talk, I will try to explain why it is easy to construct equivariant uniform embeddings. Using an embedding defined using the random walk, it is possible to see that if the probability of return to the origin does not decrease fast enough then [any Cayley graph of] the group is Liouville.
This gives a partial answer to the question whether the Liouville property depends on the choice of [finite] generating set of the Cayley graph.



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