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Analysis Seminar 2012-2013

Martio and Vuorinen

Contact information: vuorinen 'at' utu 'dot' fi

Schedule of the fall term 2012

Template for abstracts

3.9. 2012 Yaxiang Li (postgratuate student, Hunan Normal University): On quasim\"obius maps and bilipschitz extensions in real Banach spaces abstract slides

10.9. 2012 Antti Rasila (Aalto): Lindelöf-type results with multiplicity for unbounded mappings abstract

17.9. 2012 Pekka Alestalo (Aalto): Extension of maps that are close to a similarity abstract

24.9. 2012 No seminar

1.10.2012 Juha Lehrbäck (Jyväskylä): Dimensions, Whitney covers, and tubular neighborhoods
abstract arXiv:1209.0629 math.MG slides

8.10. 2012 David Kalaj (Podgorica, Montenegro): Cauchy transform and Poisson equation Abstract

15.10. 2012 Semester break, no seminar

22.10. 2012 Semester break, no seminar

29.10. 2012 Olli Martio: Solutions to the Riccati equation Slides

5.11. 2012 Jarno Talponen (Aalto): On quasihyperbolic geodesics in Banach spaces.

12.11. 2012 Gendi Wang (Postgraduate student, Univ. of Turku): Quasi-inversions Abstract Slides arXiv

19.11. 2012 Lizaveta Ihnatsyeva (Helsinki): Traces of smooth functions on Ahlfors regular sets Abstract Slides


Schedule of the winter+spring term 2013


Seminars take place on Mondays 10-12 in D123


14.1. 2013 Barkat Bhayo: Generalized trigonometric functions. Abstract

21.1. 2013 Vesna Manojlovic (Belgrade): Zinsmeister theorem - possible extensions Abstract

28.1. 2013 Jussi Väisälä: Kvasihyperboliset geodeesit  Abstract

4.2. 2013  No seminar

11.2. 2013 Juhani Riihentaus: On the subharmonicity of separately subharmonic and harmonic functions Abstract

18.2.2013 Kai Rajala (Jyväskylä): Optimal assumptions for discreteness Abstract

25.2.2013 Vesa Ala-Mattila: Kleinian groups and John domains Abstract Slides

4.3. 2013 Antti Rasila (Aalto): Special classes of univalent polyharmonic mappings Abstract Slides

11.3. 2013 Tommi Sottinen (Vaasa): Panharmonic measures and Brownian motion. Abstract

8.4. 2013  Zhuomin Liu (Charles University, Chech): Rigidity and regularity of co-dimension one Sobolev isometric immersions.Abstract

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