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Analysis Seminar 2010-2011

Martio and Vuorinen

Mathematical Analysis seminar is held on Mondays at 10.15-12.00 in the lecture room D123, Exactum, 1st floor. Talks are intended for the interests of post graduate students and researchers of analysis. Analysis is understood here in its 'wide sense'. Possible themes are the following:

  • bilipschitz and quasiconformal mappings
  • potential theory and partial differential equations
  • analysis on metric spaces
  • Sobolev spaces
  • complex analysis
  • conformal invariants, special functions and their numerical methods
    other current topics of analysis

Traditionally there is a 15 minutes coffee break between the lecture hours. Speakers, please stop the first lecture hour at 10.55, since then the queue of students is avoided in the cafeteria.

Everyone interested in analysis is welcome!

Contact information: vuorinen 'at' utu 'dot' fi

Schedule of the fall term 2010

Mon 6.9.2010 10-12, D123
J. Riihentaus: On an inequality related to the radial growth of subharmonic functions and
weighted boundary behavior in locally uniformly homogeneous spaces abst

Mon 13.9.2010 10-12, D123
T. Sugawa (Tohoku University, Japan): "Modulus techniques in the study of boundary behaviour"sugawa20100913helsinki.txt

Mon 20.9.2010 10-12, D123
R. Kuhnau (Martin-Luther University, Halle, Germany): Quasiconformal mappings and minimal surfaces

Mon 27.9.2010 10-12, D123
S. Granlund: Unique continuation property for linear elliptic equations and certain aspects of the relationship to non-linear potential theory pdf

Mon 4.10.2010 10-12, D123
J. Lehrbäck (University of Jyväskylä): Neighborhood capacities Preprint slides

Mon 11.10.2010 10-12, D123
R. Korte: Equivalent conditions to describe the size of the boundary Preprint

Mon 18.10.2010 10-12, D123
D. Kalaj (University of Montenegro, Podgorica): On quasiconformal mappings and elliptic PDE in the plane slides

Mon 25.10.2010 10-12, D123
O. Dovgoshey (Donetsk): Tangent Spaces to Metric Spaces slides

Mon 1.11.2010, 10-12, D123
T. Adamowicz (University of Linkoping): The Perron method for prime end boundary of domains in metric measure spaces

Mon 8.11.2010 10-12, D123
Petteri Harjulehto:
"The strong minimum principle for quasisuperminimizers of non-standard growth" preprint

Mon 15.11.2010 10-12, D123
V. Dubinin (Institute of Applied Mathematics, Vladivostok): Geometric function theory in some problems for polynomials

Mon 22.11.2010 10-12, D123
B. A. Bhayo (University of Turku): Norm inequalities for vector functions Preprint

Mon 29.11.2010 10-12, D123
R. Klen (University of Turku): Inclusion relations for metric balls Preprint

Mon 6.12.2010 Independence day (no seminar)

Mon. 13.12.2010 10-12, D123
A. Rasila (Aalto University): Geometric versions of Schwarz's lemma and applications
slides link

Schedule of the winter+spring term 2011

Mon 17.1. B. A. Bhayo (University of Turku): [On eigenfunctions of the onedimensional
$p$-Laplacian] Abstract arXiv Slides

Mon 24.1. O. Martio (The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters): Properties of solutions to Riccati equations.

Mon 31.1. T. Iwaniec (Syracuse University and University of Helsinki): Jacobian determinants and the Hardy space $H^1(R^n)$

Mon 7.2. V. Manojlovic (University of Belgrade): On harmonic and quasiconformal maps abstract lecture1 lecture2

Mon 14.2. P. Lindqvist (Trondheim): A curious equation and the uniqueness of its viscosity solutions.

Mon 21.2. N. Shanmugalingam (University of Cincinnati): A geometric and and analytic characterization of \infty-Poincare inequality in metric measure spaces. abstract

Mon 28.2. No seminar

Mon 7.3. Semester break

Mon 14.3. T. Quach (Aalto University): Conjugate function method for numerical conformal mapping abstract slides

Mon 21.3. J. Väisälä (Helsingin yliopisto): Kvasihyperbolista alkeisgeometriaa normiavaruuksissa.

Mon 28.3. B. A. Bhayo (University of Turku): On generalized complete elliptic integrals
arXiv Slides

Mon 4.4. Mika Koskenoja (University of Helsinki): Continuation of solutions of the homogeneous real Monge–Ampère equation

Mon 11.4. No seminar

Mon 18.4. M. Vuorinen (University of Turku): Hypergeometric function and its many faces
abstract Slides

Mon 25.4. No seminar Easter vacation

Mon 2.5. No seminar

Mon 9.5. R. Klen (University of Turku): Inclusion relations for metric balls II Slides

X. Zhang (University of Turku):

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[Fifth Ahlfors-Bers Colloquium, March 24-27, 2011, Rice University, Houston, TX USA,]

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Washington, DC,]

the Fifth International Conference on Complex Analysis & Dynamical Systems May 22-27, 2011, ISRAEL

in honor of Professor Nicolas Papamichael June 05-11, 2011,|]

"XVIth Conference on Analytic Functions and Related Topics" June 26 - 29, 2011 in Chelm (Poland)

[Special Functions and Orthogonal Polynomials
of Lie Groups and their Applications, August 14-20,2011, |]

Workshop on Quasiconformal mappings, Mappings of finite distorsion and related fields September 24 - September 28, 2011,

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