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Analysis Seminar 2009-2010

Martio and Vuorinen

Mathematical Analysis seminar is held on Mondays at 10.15-12.00 in the lecture room D123, Exactum, 1st floor. Talks are intended for the interests of post graduate students and researchers of analysis. Analysis is understood here in its 'wide sense'. Possible themes are the following:

  • bilipschitz and quasiconformal mappings
  • potential theory and partial differential equations
  • analysis on metric spaces
  • Sobolev spaces
  • complex analysis
  • conformal invariants, special functions and their numerical methods
    other current topics of analysis

Traditionally there is a 15 minutes coffee break between the lecture hours. Speakers, please stop the first lecture hour at 10.55, since then the queue of students is avoided in the cafeteria.

Everyone interested in analysis is welcome!

Schedule of the fall term 2009

Mon 7.9.2009 10-12, D123
Swadesh Sahoo (IIT Madras, India): On John domains

Mon 14.9.2009 10-12, D123
Allu Vasudevarao (IIT Madras, India): Region of variability and Fekete-Szegö problem for exponentially convex functions

Mon 21.9.2009 10-12, D123
Swadesh Sahoo (IIT Madras, India): On Hardy number and unbounded quasidisks

Mon 28.9.2009 10-12, D123
Allu Vasudevarao (IIT Madras, India): Region of variability for functions with positive real part

Mon 5.10.2009 10-12, D123
Niko Marola (Helsinki University of Technology): Beckenbach-Radó type integral inequalities

Mon 12.10.2009 10-12, D123
Risto Korhonen (University of Helsinki): Nevanlinna theory and difference Painlevé equations

Mon 19.10.2009 10-12, D123
Petteri Harjulehto (University of Helsinki): Global regularity and stability of solutions to elliptic equations with nonstandard growth

Mon 26.10.2009 10-12, D123
No seminar (semester break)

Mon 2.11.2009 10-12, D123
Björn Ivarsson (Universität Bern): Holomorphic factorization of mappings into the special linear group - Abstract

Mon 9.11.2009 10-12, D123
Barkat Ali Bhayo (University of Turku): On Mori's theorem for quasiconformal maps

Mon 16.11.2009 10-12, D123
Antti Rasila (TKK): Mapping problems and harmonic univalent mappings (based on Duren's book)

Mon 23.11.2009 10-12, D123
Tri Quach (TKK): Numerical conformal mappings and capacity computation

Mon 30.11.2009 10-12, D123
Jani Joensuu (HY): Orlicz-Sobolev capacities (Summary)

Mon 7.12.2009 10-12, D123 No seminar

Mon 14.12.2009 10-12, D123 Christmas vacation starts

Schedule of the winter+spring term 2010

Mon 18.1.2010 10-12, D123
Juhani Riihentaus : "Bilipschitz mappings, quasi-nearly subharmonic functions, locally uniformly homogeneous spaces" DovgosheyRiihentaus PavlovicRiihentaus

Mon 25.1.2010 10-12, D123
Konstantin Fedorovskiy (Moscow) : "Approximation by polyanalytic polynomials and by polynomial solutions of general elliptic partial differential equations"

Mon 1.2. 2010 10-12, D123
Juha Lehrbäck (Jyväskylä) : "Thickness: past and present" slides

Mon 8.2. 2010 10-12, D123
Niko Marola (HY) : "Radially symmetric functions, quasiminimizers, and counterexamples"

Mon 8.3. 2010 10-12, D123
Bogdan Bojarski (Warsaw) : "Another look at quasiconformal maps and function spaces"

Mon 22.3. 2010 10-12, D123
Pertti Mattila (HY) : "Bilipschitz maps, Ahlfors-regular and self-similar sets"

Mon 5.4. 2010 10-12, D123
Easter Vacation (no seminar)

Mon 12.4. 2010 10-12, D123
Tuomo Kuusi (Aalto Univ.) : "Universal nonlinear potential estimates"

Mon 19.4. 2010 10-12, D123
Tri Quach (Aalto Univ.) : "On Hall's theorem for starlike mappings"

Mon 26.4. 2010 10-12, D123
Olli Martio (HY) : "Riccati type equations"

Mon 3.5. 2010 10-12, D123
Mika Koskenoja (HY) : Remarks on the reflection principle for the homogeneous Monge-Ampère equation

Mon 10.5. 2010 10-12, D123
Antti Rasila (Aalto Univ.):
Convexity properties of quasihyperbolic metrics on Banach spaces
(Joint work with Jarno Talponen)

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XII Romanian-Finnish Seminar 17-21 Aug. 2009

[ICM 2010 - Satellite Conference International Workshop on Harmonic and Quasiconformal Mappings
(HQM2010) IIT Madras, August 09-17, 2010,]

in honor of Professor Nicolas Papamichael]

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