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People working currently in the group


Dr. Michael Boy

has finished his two-year fellowship position at NCAR in 2007 and afterwards he started with one PhD student as a supervisor in the Division of Atmospheric Science at the University of Helsinki. In the end of 2009 he established the Atmosphere Modelling Group and in the first two years he mostly used his time in training young promising bachelor and master students on different atmospheric models. This time-intensive supervision of up to 8 under-graduated students parallel succeeded in a very effective, ambiguous and well-trained group of talented young PhD students.  (

Dr. Pontus Roldin

received his PhD in Physics, Lund University, Sweden with the title of thesis: "Process based Modelling of Chemical and Physical Aerosol Properties Relevant for Climate and Health" in 2013. He joined the group in March 2014 for two years and is mainly working on the aerosol dynamic modelling in different models. Since 2016 he is back at the University of Lund with a strong cooperation with the modelling group and bi-monthly visits in Helsinki.

M.Sc. Zhou Putian

is a PhD student in the group. He joined the group in February, 2012 as a master student, and continued his PhD study here from March, 2013. He is now focusing on extending the work done by the 1-dimensional model SOSAA to 3-dimensional with Large-Eddy Simulation model ASAM (All Scale Atmospheric Model). ASAM is developed and maintained by TROPOS (Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research), Leipzig, Germany. He visited there several times for cooperation. His work aims at improving our understanding of the canopy effects on emissions and reactions of chemical compounds, the formation and growth of aerosol particles, as well as the turbulent mixing and distributions of them within and above the boreal forest canopies.

M. Sc. Dean Chen

started his PhD in the modelling group in November 2016 with the topic "Aerosols-formation, growth, transformation and a study on its anthropogenic versus biogenic precursor". He will apply different models to study the formation of secondary organic aerosols (SOA) at the SMEAR II in Hyytiälä and the SORPES station in Nanjing, China.

Ben Foreback

graduated in 2011 from the Univeristy of Utah with his bachelors in physics and atmospheric science. He was a research assistant at the University of Utah Department of Atmospheric Sciences for three years, and after graduating he worked for almost 5 years at Exelis Visual Information Solutions developing the IDL and ENVI products. Ben has decided to return to school to pursue graduate studies in atmospheric science. He started in September 2016 as a Master student in the Atmosphere Modelling Group focusing on the formation and growth of SOA on the regional scale.


Carlton Xavier

graduated in May 2017 from the University of Turku with his Master of Science in Astronomy. Since autumn 2016 he performed an internship in the group parallel to the writing of his thesis and started a PhD in August 2017 on the topic "Atmospheric relevance of highly oxidised organic molecules (HOM) form anthropogenic precursors and the NO3-VOC-HOM contribution".

Former group members


Quentin Bérard

French student in applied mathematics at the Pierre and Marie Curie University, France. He joined the group for 5 months (May to September 2017) and performed his Master thesis with the LES model ASAM. The title of the thesis: "Simulating energy exchange between air and canopy at a boreal forest with ASAM" 

M.Sc. Ximeng Qi

is a PhD student in Nanjing University and joined the group in 2016 for one year as a joint PhD student under the support of China Scholarship Council. His subject is ‘aerosol size distribution and new particle formation at urban site: measurement and modelling’. He is working on the comparison of the composition of ultrafine particles between boreal forest site (SMEAR II) and urban site (SORPES) by using the MALTE-box model.

Dr. Natalia Babkovskaia

In 2011 I have started working in the Division of Atmospheric Science at the University of Helsinki as a postdoc. I am mostly  focused on  atmospheric cloud physics and use direct numerical simulations (DNS) to model the aerosol particles in the cloud area. The main goal of my activity at UHEL to study the interactions of turbulent air motion and aerosols. Dr. Babkovskaia left the group in autumn 2016. 

M.Sc. Anton Rusanen

finished his Master thesis in spring 2016 and started as a PhD-student under Prof. Kulmala.

Dr Zhou Luxi

defended her PhD thesis in September 2015 with the topic "Modelling aerosol formation and precursor gases in the boundary layer". In January 2016 she moved to US to start a 2-years postdoctoral project at EPA.

M.Sc. Rosa Gierens

finished her Master thesis in December 2015 on the topic "Understanding the evolution of the boundary layer over the Highveld, South Africa. She has started a PhD in summer 2016 at the University in Köln, Germany.

Dr Ditte Taipale (née Mogensen)

defended her Ph.D. thesis, titled "Insights into atmospheric oxidation", at University of Helsinki in May 2015. Since then she has worked as a postdoctoral researcher jointly at Department of Plant Physiology, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tartu, Estonia and at Department of Forest Sciences, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland.
She is mainly interested in research questions related to the interaction between the biosphere and atmosphere. She focuses on the production and emission of biogenic volatile organic compounds from different plants and plant organs together with oxidation chemistry in the atmosphere. She has a process-based approach with detailed atmospheric models of different scales.

Dr. Sampo Smolander

is trained in Plant Ecology (M.Sc.) and Applied Mathematics (Ph.D.) and has done a 1 year PostDoc at University College London (in vegetation remote sensing). He works in vegetation modelling, boundary layer meteorology, programming, numerical algorithms, and training students in programming and scientific computing.
Dr. Smolander started a visiting scientist position at Princeton University, NJ, USA in January 2015
Sampo's homepage

Dr Li Liao

finished his PhD in the group in December 2014 with the topic "Contribution of biogenic volatile organic compounds to the formation and growth of particles in the atmosphere - from molecule cluster to cloud condensation nuclei".

Dr Sanna-Liisa Sihto-Nissilä

finished her PhD in the group in November 2013 with the topic "Studies on the connections between atmospheric sulphuric acid, new particle formation and cloud condensation nuclei".

Dr Risto Makkonen

I finished my Ph.D. thesis, titled “From nanoclusters to climate forcers: global modeling of aerosol climate effects”, at University of Helsinki in May 2012. During 2012-2013 I spent one year as post-doctoral researcher at University of Oslo. Since July 2013, I have continued my research at University of Helsinki.
My interests include aerosol nucleation, aerosol-cloud-climate interactions and climate feedbacks. My main tools include global aerosol-climate models and Earth System Models. Previously, I have worked on climate effects of anthropogenic and natural aerosols, effect of nitric acid on cloud droplet formation, secondary organic aerosol formation and role of new particle formation on climate. I work with integration of observations to simulation data, in order to evaluate and constrain the aerosol models.

M.Sc. Physics Chatriya Watcharapaskorn

finished her Master of Science in the group in December 2011 with the topic "15-years observation of Atmospheric new particle formation in Hyytiälä and particle formation modelling by MALTE-BOX". She is currently a Central Entity Allocation Analyst at Ford Motor Company (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

M.Sc. Physics Qingyang He

finished her Master of Science in the group in November 2011 with the topic "Modelling monoterpene emissions from boreal forest in the Southern Finland". She is currently a PhD-student in University of Zurich, Switzerland. Her research interests focus on Remote Sensing of Vegetation and Vegetation-Atmosphere Interactions. She originates from China and worked in IEE-Chinese Academy of Sciences for one year after Master's degree.

Dr Johanna Lauros

finished her PhD in the group in February 2011 with the topic "Atmospheric particle formation in spatially and temporally varying conditions". She is currently working for the Finnish government.

Dr Henri Vuollokoski

I am currently a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki. I received my PhD (“Numerical approaches to new particle formation and growth in the atmosphere”) from the University of Helsinki in January 2011.
My main research interests and expertise are model and method development in atmospheric sciences, but I also do modeling from process level to global scales as well as data analysis. Additionally, I have a large supportive role in IT and database management.








































































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