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The group uses a set of different models starting from the zero-dimensional models MALTE-BOX and ADCHAM, the one-dimensional model SOSAA, the two-dimensional model ADCHEM and the three-dimensional high-resolution regional model SILAM. In addition to understand the impact of turbulence on the different processes we operate the large-eddy-simulation model (LES) ASAM and the direct numerical simulation model (DNS) PENCIL-CLOUD. The advantage of running all these models in one group is in the use of several modules like the aerosol module UHMA (University of Helsinki Multicomponent Aerosol model) in several models, which provides improvements in one process at similar time to other models.


Figure 1: Schematic spatial-temporal distribution for all models used in the group. Detailed information for the individual models are available by clicking the name of the model below:



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