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  • Statistical Inverse Methods in Astronomy, spring 2016
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Course page for Statistical Inverse Methods in Astronomy — Tähtitieteen tilastolliset inversiomenetelmät

Advanced Course, 5 credits, 53834, Spring 2016, Periods 3 and 4

Course is held in Physicum, on Wednesdays at 12-14 in D116. Exercise sessions will be held on Tuesdays at 10-12 in D117 (period III) or D115 (period IV).

Lecturers: Antti Penttilä and Heikki Haario. You can contact us by e-mail, Antti.I.Penttila (a t), or room D328 in Physicum.

Lectures and schedule
  • 20.1. 12-14, D116. First lecture
  • 2.3. 12-14, D116. Last lecture on period III
  • 16.3. 12-14, D116. First lecture on period IV
  • 22.3. Tue, no exercise session
  • 23.3. 12-14, guest lecturer Maria Gritsevich. Last Wednesday lecture.
  • 29-30.3. Easter break, no lecture or exercises
  • 5.4. Tue, last normal Tuesday exercise session 
  • 12.4. Tue, exercises with Maria Gritsevich
  • 22.4. Fri, 10-14, D211. Heikki Haario and MCMC-workshop
  • 29.4. Fri, 10-14, D211. Heikki Haario and MCMC workshop part 2
  • 14-21.5. home exam
Course material

The course handout will be refined during the course. Latest version is distributed here.

Handout (updated 16-03-2016): SIM2016

Exercise sessions

Supplementary data: two-variable.datlinear-model-data-1.datlinear-model-data-2a.datlinear-model-data-2b.datlinear-model-data-3.datdataRed.datasteroid_density.datMN-data-1.datMN-data-2.datMN-data-3.datspectra.dat

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