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This is the Planetary Geophysics course website for spring 2017, periods III-IV (link to WebOodi).

The course is held on Mondays at 12-14 from the 16th of January until the 24th of April in lecture hall E206, Physicum.

Lectures by:

  • Doc. Tomas Kohout

Exercises by:

  • Juulia-Gabrielle Moreau
  • Dr. Robert Klein


  • 16. and 23.1.2017 Lecture 1+2: Origin of the Solar System and meteorites (pdf, pptx)
  • 30.1.2017 Lecture 3: Origin of the Solar system and meteorites + Reflectance spectra and space weathering (pdf, pptx)
  • 06.2.2017 Lecture 4 will be given by Mikael Granvik: Orbital Evolution of the Solar System (slides to be given via Dropbox)
  • 13.2.2017 Lecture 5: Terrestrial planets (pdf, pptx) and the Moon (pdf, pptx).
  • 20.2.2017 Lecture 6: Impacts (pdf, pptx, Oblique impact video, Chicxulub model video)
  • 27.2.2017 Lecture 7: Asteroids (pdf, pptx)
  • 13.3.2017 Lecture 8: Comets + excursion (pptx, pdf)
  • 03.4.2017 Lecture 9: Shock physics, impact modeling and introduction to scaling laws (by Juulia, pdf without animations, odp with animations)
  • 10.4.2017 3rd exercise, see below
  • 24.4.2017 Lecture 10: Comets (see 13.3 lecture)
  • 03.5.2017 Lecture 11 : Planetary space missions and Pluto (pdf, pptx)
  • 12.5.2017 Presentations of students, 12-14.
  • 23.5.2017 Exam starting at 13. Location TBA.


  • 1st session on Wednesday 22th of February 10-12, room D331 (Physicum building)
  • 2nd session is online with feedback from Juulia. Returning exercises ideal deadline on 31st of March 2017 or later if desired (ask Juulia), but no later than the exam day.
  • 3rd session will be styrofoam study. A week later a report will be due.
  • 4th session is a open exercise (not to be returned) that you may discuss during the last lecture

Seminar (presentation of students):

  • Seminar are talks with supporting slides of about 10 minutes (no sharp restriction) followed by questions.


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