Mathematics Meets Physics

on the occasion of Antti Kupiainen's 60th birthday


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Time and place

June 24-27 2014
University of Helsinki


The general scope of the meeting is to capture the research at the frontiers in mathematical physics. A particular focus will be in four topics from contemporary physics central also to Antti Kupiainen’s own research: dynamical systems, quantum and statistical field theories, renormalization and non-equilibrium phenomena. Their study is in a natural way connected to a number of fields in mathematics, for example, complex analysis, ergodic theory, harmonic analysis, nonlinear partial differential equations, random geometry, spectral theory and stochastic processes. The aim of the conference is to bring together world leading experts in these topics, ranging the full spectrum from pure mathematics to physics. 


The participants are kindly requested to register by filling in the on-line registration form following this link.

Please note that there will be no contributed talks.

A very limited amount of support for local costs and/or travel is available for younger participants. To apply for support, please tick the appropriate place on the registration form and send a brief informal application including your CV to Deadline for applications is Saturday 26th April.

More details about the registration fees and payment methods are available here.


Various accommodation options are listed on a separate web page.

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Friday 27.6.
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