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Mathematical Physics Research Group


Modern mathematical physics was born in the 1960's from the attempts to gain mathematical understanding of quantum field theory and statistical mechanics. In those fields powerful new methods were developed around the concepts of renormalization and universality. These concepts subsequently entered many areas of physics and mathematics, such as the theory of dynamical systems and "chaos".

The interests of the Helsinki Mathematical Physics Group have been in applying these ideas to a wide variety of problems including turbulence and stochastic differential equations, spatiotemporal chaos, pattern formation in nonlinear parabolic partial differential equations and the Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser theory of persistence of quasiperiodic motions in finite and infinite dimensional Hamiltonian systems.

The group has active collaboration with researchers in the US, France, Belgium and Italy. It currently belongs to the Academy of Finland Center of Excellence in ¨Analysis and Dynamics Research¨ (2008-2013). Previously (2002-2007) the group was part of the Academy of Finland Center of Excellence in ¨Geometric Analysis and Mathematical Physics¨. The group has also interest in applications exemplified by its partecipation to the TEKES supported project ¨Multiflow¨ (2005-2008).

How to reach us

The Mathematical Physics Group is located at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Helsinki, at the Kumpula campus. The address is Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2, which you can find on this map. From the central railway station you can take for example one of the buses 55, 71, 73B, 75, 77, 730, 731, 732, 734, 741, 742 or tram 6 to the stop at Arabia shopping mall. The department is then on top of the hill on your left.

For students

Information about mathematical physics courses taught in the Kumpula campus can be found here.

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