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Biometry and bioinformatics

Just as Geometry means "measuring the earth", Biometry means "measuring life". More exactly, it can be said to constitute quantitative - predominantly statistical - methodologies for the life sciences. Biometry research focuses on modelling and analysis of biological phenomena and processes. The research covers a wide spectrum of topics ranging from problems at the molecular level to populations and evolution. In particular, research addresses questions in population genetics, gene mapping and epidemiology of complex diseases, systems and molecular biology, phylogenetics,  and the evaluation of environmental risks. To tackle these problems, variety of approaches are used,  most importantly probabilistic and Bayesian methods. A characteristic feature of the research of the Biometry group is a very strong emphasis on collaborative research, carried out jointly with staff members of the sectorial research institutions (especially THL and EVIRA). Ongoing research topics: see home pages of biometry teachers.



Biometry and bioinformatics is one of the specialization areas in statistics (57561 / 78081 Biometrian ja bioinformatiikan linja, including these courses (only those active in 2013-2014 are linked):

57795 Biometry and bioinformatics I, 2-5 cr
57796 Biometry and bioinformatics II, 5-10 cr
57797 Biometry and bioinformatics III, 5-10 cr
57744 Bayesian theory with applications, 5 cr
57733 Computational statistics, 8 cr
57741 Event-history analysis, 6-8 cr
57748 Genetic analysis and molecular evolution, 4-6 cr
57756 Genome-wide association studies, GWAS-minicourse, 2 cr
57742 Hierarchical models, 6-8 cr
57746 Longitudinal data-analysis, 5-10 cr57746 Longitudinal data-analysis, 5-10 cr
57059 Markovian modelling and Bayesian learning, 5 cr
57734 Modelling inheritance in pedigrees and populations, 4-6 cr
57780 Molecular genetics reading group, 2 cr
57740 Nonparametric statistics, 6 cr
57729 Phylogeny inference and data analysis, 4-10 cr
57729 Phylogeny inference, seminar, 3-5 cr

57730 Sequence evolution from molecules to genomes, 4-6 cr
57710 Software tools for statisticians, 5-10 cr
57734 Statistical genetics, 4-10 cr
57755 Statistical methods in gene mapping, 4-6 cr
57739 Statistical methods in medicine and epidemiology, 5-10 cr
57745 WinBUGS/OpenBUGS with applications, 5-10 cr

If your plan is to graduate from "Statistics, specialization area Biometry and bioinformatics", you don´t have to restrict your studies to this course list. Feel free to take also other courses! And: many of these courses are also relevant to other specialization areas!

Master´s theses

Many theses have been done in collaboration with research groups in Viikki and Meilahti campuses and sectorial research institutions (EVIRA, METLA, THL), as indicated in brackets:


  • Analysis of exome variant data for identifying causative SNVs of infantile mitochondrial disorders (2013, Meilahti)

  • Correlation analysis for evaluation of functional annotation methods of proteins (2012, Viikki)

    Calculating conservation and predicting hENT1 structure using the amino acid sequence (2012, Viikki)
  •      De-novo assembly and finishing of the genome of neuro-toxin (anatoxin-a) producing cyanobacterium, Anabaena sp. strain 37 (2012, Viikki)
  •           Phylogenic  profiling of Streptomyces species associated with potato scab (2012, Viikki) 

  •  ·       Differential methylation analysis of monozygotic twin pairs discordant for body mass index (2012, Hjelt-instituutti)

  • ·         Proteochemometric modeling of kinase - inhibitor interactions using field-based protein descriptions (2012, ORION) 

  • ·         Genome-based repositioning of commonly used drugs integrating multi-layer information (2012, Meilahti)   

  • ·         Measurement of relative hazards without active follow-up of a cohort - applications to vaccine efficacy (2011, THL)

  • ·         Analysing the course of the A(H1N1) influenza epidemic of 2009 in Finland (2011, THL) 

  • ·         Poisson-malli ilmaantuvuudelle. Altistus Tšernobylin radioaktiivisille päästöille ja kilpirauhassyövän ilmaantuvuus Suomessa (2011,Stuk)

  • ·         Large-scale genotyping pipe-line for non-model organisms (2011, Viikki)                                                                                                                           


  • · Sequential predictive classification (2011)

    ·         Bayesian association analysis using RJMCMC applied to drug responses (2011) 

  • ·         Computational methods for pathway analysis of genome-wide association study results (2011, FIMM)

  • ·         Case-control haplotype inference for HLA genes in coronary artery disease (2011, Haartman-instituutti) 

  • ·         Finding enriched gene sets by confirmatory factor analysis (2011) 

  • ·         Apple cultivar identification using automated shape analysis (2011, Viikki) 

  • ·         Stochastic genotype imputation in Finnish population based cohorts (2011, Biomedicum) 

  • ·         Genetic risk prediction of coronary heart disease (2010, FIMM) 

  • ·         Shrinkage variable selection methods for linear regression models with application to QTL mapping (2010)

  • ·         Kampylobakteeritartuntojen lähteiden selvittäminen ja mallintaminen. (2010, EVIRA) 

  • ·         Tuontieläinten BSE-riskinarviointiin kehitetty tilastollinen Bayes-malli (2009, EVIRA) 

  • ·         Markov Random Fields and Spatial Smoothing in Improving of Forest Inventory Estimates  (2010, METLA)

  • ·         Luokitusmenetelmien vertailua maastotyypin luokituksessa satelliittikuvaperusteisesti (2008, METLA) 

  • ·         Lineaarisen rakenteellisen keskiarvo-mallin laajennus useaan käsittelyryhmään ja soveltaminen kliiniseen tutkimusaineistoon  (2008, KTL) 

  • ·         Ekologisen vasteen mallit (2008, METLA) 

  • ·         Case definition of pneumococcal pneumonia: a latent class analysis approach (2007, KTL) 

  • ·         Tilastollinen analyysi masennuslääkkeiden käytön yleisyydelle ja hoitosuosituksen toteutumiselle (KTL) 

  • ·         Examining equity in access to health care using register data - Pathways to coronary revascularisations in Finland 1995-1998  (2007, KTL) 

  • ·         Bayesläiset menetelmät diskriminatiivisessa ja generatiivisessa luokittelussa  (2007) 

  • ·         Spatiaaliset pisteprosessit levinneisyysmuutosten tarkastelussa (2005)  

  • ·         Sarjatuhopolttajan asuinpaikan ennustaminen etäisyyskäyttäytymistiedon perusteella (2005)

  • ·         Verivalmisteiden hepatiitti C-tartuntariski  (2005)

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