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Biomathematics Curriculum

Most of our courses assume some knowledge of ordinary differential equations. If you are interested in applied mathematics in general or in biomathematics in particular, we recommend that you take a course on differential equations (offered in the fall semester in Finnish) ideally no later than in the third year of your undergraduate studies. The best entry points to biomathematics are either "Mathematical modelling" or "Introduction to mathematical biology", both offered in the fall semester but in alternate years. However, each biomathematics course can be taken also independently of others (the course descriptions specify the prior mathematical knowledge assumed).

All courses are in English unless stated otherwise. 

Regular courses

These courses are given regularly, and as a main rule, repeat in a 2-year cycle. 

Other courses for students of biomathematics

For students of biology

These courses are given in Viikki and targeted to students of biology with no background in mathematics

Past courses

Regular courses given in the past

This list is for our records.

Book-reading seminars

  • Sean H. Rice (2004): Evolutionary Theory (Spring 2006, in English)
  • Mathematical population genetics (Stefan Geritz / Mats Gyllenberg; Spring 2005, in English)
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